Living in a Metaverse

Facebook Metaverse is on its way and it will change our digital social lives in a revolutionary way. After Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta introduction, I couldn’t stop but to think how it will make us even more disconnected from reality. A real Doomer scenario. In this video, Wojak lives in a crypto metaverse where he meets a tradgirl (a girl right?). She confronts him of his lonely life to which he responds by switching her for a less annoying NPC.

Note: This is a different type of video from what you know me for. I usually make funny videos with the goal to make people laugh, but after watching the Meta introduction from Facebook, I got very fascinated and frightened for the future of our social interactions. I think the Metaverse is a serious Doomer scenario and therefore I wanted to try and do a serious video for once. Next video will be a classic funny crypto story like you’re used to! – LBS




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Music used:
1. Ryan/Jazz loop music – Milk Coffee

2. “Broken Piano ” composed and produced by “Vivek Abhishek”
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 3. “Mysterious” by Radomir Kirovich

Any feedback on my videos is welcome in the comments! I’m a new kid on the block who likes making doomer, boomer, zoomer etc. memes, and it would be epic if one day I can become as great as Bizonacci, Dustin O’daffer or MillenniaThinker. Your feedback really helps me in improving my meme animations.

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