The Future is a Dead Mall – Decentraland and the Metaverse

Clickbait Title: I spent three months living in the metaverse and now I’m starving

The metaverse salespeople have a weird fixation with Animal Crossing, in specific. The number of times we saw New Horizons specifically cited as an example of the metaverse was bizarre, like it was their first time experiencing a multiplayer game that wasn’t CoD and it melted their brains.

Written by Dan Olson and Nathan Landel

Produced and performed by Dan Olson

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Dan Twitter:


00:00:00 Chapter 1 – Welcome to Decentraland
00:05:31 Chapter 2 – The Metaverse
00:21:35 Chapter 3 – The Dead Mall of the Future
01:06:27 Chapter 4 – Clap your Hands or Tinkerbell Dies
01:22:02 Chapter 5 – A Child’s Vision of Governance
01:38:05 Chapter 6 – A Magic Circle


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