What is the Metaverse, exactly?

Why should anyone care about the metaverse? Expert Matthew Ball explains what it is, what it isn’t, and why it matters.

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By the end of the decade, the Metaverse could be worth between $6 trillion and $13 trillion. But what is it?

The Metaverse is not simply immersive virtual reality or a really cool video game. It’s a combination of technologies that allows an unlimited number of users to experience real-time rendered, 3D virtual worlds synchronously and persistently.

It is difficult to predict how the Metaverse will evolve, just as it was nearly impossible to predict the emergence of Facebook during the era of Windows 95. The Metaverse will not replace the internet, but will build upon and extend it.

00:00 – Intro
01:22 – What the Metaverse is not
02:30 – 10-part definition of the Metaverse
02:56 – Part 1: Massively-scaled
03:23 – Part 2: Virtual worlds
03:51 – Part 3: 3D
04:26 – Part 4: Interoperable network
05:41 – Part 5: Real-time rendering
06:14 – Part 6: Synchronous
06:45 – Part 7: Persistent
08:00 – Parts 8 & 9: Unlimited users with individual sense of presence
08:22 – Part 10: Continuity of data
08:55 – Technological eras are bundles
09:17 – 7 subcategories of the Metaverse
09:27 – Subcategory 1: Hardware
09:45 – Subcategory 2: Networking
09:57 – Subcategory 3: Computer powers
10:13 – Subcategory 4: Virtual platforms
10:45 – Subcategory 5: Interoperability standards
11:05 – Subcategory 6: Payment rails
11:18 – Subcategory 7: CAIS
11:46 – 5 stunning Metaverse examples
13:08 – Why do we need to learn about it now?

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