Exploring the Metaverse: Horizon Worlds

I am back in the metaverse, and this week exploring Meta’s Horizon Worlds for the first time. Join me as I create my avatar, check out a gig, have a chat in a very British pub, take a hot air balloon ride, and visit a newly built church.

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Meta Quest 2 https://amzn.to/3TRKOUU


00:00 Intro
00:37 Creating an Avatar
02:50 The Tutorial World
07:27 Going to a Gig
07:55 The Home Space
08:48 Escape From Detention
10:04 Meeting People at the Pub
13:57 Hot Air Balloon Ride
14:46 Exploring a Church
16:10 Meeting a Creator
17:28 Conclusion


Visit Horizon Worlds – https://www.oculus.com/horizon-worlds
Create a VIVE avatar: https://avatar.viverse.com/avatar

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Who Am I?
I’m Jon, an immersive experience designer and enthusiast of all things immersive and themed entertainment. I make videos about themed attractions, virtual reality and experiential design. I also write a weekly newsletter about these topics (https://www.jon-bradley.com/).


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31 Comments to “Exploring the Metaverse: Horizon Worlds”

  1. This looks like a colossal waste of everyone's time. I honestly can't see how Billions have gone into this. It has to be the largest investment and flop in video game history.This honestly looks like the dumbest thing. If it was a concept I'd be like ah good work, but it's a full fledged product that they've spent Billions on. Billions. Just let that sit in. Billions. Where did it all go? Like sony's Home was a better looking, and better experience then this trash.

  2. U know what these worlds
    need and this is even a problem in VRChat, is more ambiance it’s to quiet, blank silence is unnerving. U always hear something normally. Birds, wind , trees, ac unit, fridge dogs, cars driving by ect…

  3. I just tried it for the first time at the comedy place and it was actually ok. The uk bar as well. I think people were just expecting miracles, but we’re at where we’re at I suppose

  4. Yes you can move around your home you just have to exit the menu button and you can also turn off the motion sickness tunnel vision. It’s so many worlds to explore try meta fued next

  5. Vrchat….puts horizons to shame..did zuk not know vrchat existed to launch horizon worlds as the latest greatest tech with billions put into it just to have none of that… it's more akin to altworlds. But this whole thing reminds me of the fallout 76 fanasco.. Although the video poster have you been on vrchat? I was at work while watching on break so did not have time to see the whole video if you made any mention or comparison to vrchat is why i asked.

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