Gravitas Plus: The Metaverse Explained

Gravitas Plus | 2022 is expected to be the year of Metaverse. A virtual universe where reality meets imagination. How safe is it going to be? Will it make our lives better or will it manipulate our perception of reality? Palki Sharma decodes.

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24 Comments to “Gravitas Plus: The Metaverse Explained”

  1. Looking at a cartoon of yourself and others brings you closer to them ? Oh come on ..! Are you working on behalf of them or something ? This isn't reporting – it's advertising .

  2. Amazing presentation especially how you've dive deep into the pros and cons of Metaverse. StepApp Metaverse in it quest to maximize some of the advantages of the Metaverse has merged everyday fitness with it's Metaverse with it move- to- earn where users walk, jog or run to earn $Fitfi tokens.

  3. Facebook has totally annihilated my account & stolen years of wit & biting comment + my entire artwork collection. This means all the atheist filth & false accusations get blocked from me & so any idea of suing them goes out of the window with the evidence. Evil spirits run the show, many comfortably resident in Imperator Zuckaturd's revolting crack.

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahhahaha. Guessing this woman is new to online gaming? Asking someone to stop doing something annoying online isn't a crime. Jesus I've been teabagged by strangers who have just murdered me plenty of times and I don't mind

  5. Thanks to social media a lot of people life has been destroyed mentally and physically. I see this world is becoming even worse and it will not be better anytime soon. The world is moving to a more ghostly/digital society AI VR, AR gaming etc… will be the home of many lost souls. The 5th industrial revolution is starting to began… interconnectivity with human and all devices…use it but don’t get lost in it.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.!!!

  6. So I’ve been awake for almost 3 years my husband of 22 years is still blind to everything. I’m a very spiritual person Empath I always thought. Till what is happening with the great awakening. I’m beinging to wonder cause says our souls signed up for this. I had a lady said some picked meta verse they won’t wake up like fallen angels. Any one no anything about this? Thanks for sharing and doing everything you are doing.

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