Meta Slashes Quest 2 Price to Just $200 Ahead of Suspected Quest 3 Lite

Meta is once again reducing the price of Quest 2, this time bringing the 128GB version of its 2020-era standalone VR headset to just $200.

The company has made its new pricing scheme available both from Meta directly and from its partner retailers, which includes Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, New Egg, and more. Notably, the deal on Walmart includes $50 digital credit to use on games and apps.

The price drop is also affecting a number of countries, as the 128GB version now goes for $200 USD, £199.99 GBP, €249.99 EUR, and ¥31,900 JPY, each of which is around $50 cheaper in their respective currencies.

It’s uncertain how long the deal will last, with some online third-party retailers indicating the sale ends as early as Saturday. As with many such ‘limited time’ deals though, the new pricing scheme has a way of becoming permanent; Meta initially dropped Quest 2 to $250 during the holiday season of 2023, which has stuck until today.

As for the 256GB version, it’s been largely out of stock since the beginning of last year, which could suggest we’re not getting a restock, or price change from its $300 MSRP.

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say the company is looking to flush out stock of the headset, which was launched in late 2020—just two years prior to Quest Pro, a dev-centric headset that is largely considered as forerunner to Meta’s latest standalone, Quest 3.

This comes alongside rumors that Meta is currently prepping a prospective ‘Quest 3 Lite’, which it could be building in partnership with LG. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited the South Korean tech giant earlier this month in confirmation of the deal, however it’s also rumored the company is additionally prepping an Apple Vision Pro competitor for release in 2025, making a very busy near term hardware release schedule indeed.

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