13 YouTube Description Templates That Have Helped Our Videos Go Viral

With 2.5 billion active users, YouTube is a crucial channel for your marketing efforts. Optimizing your YouTube channel can improve your chances of reaching more people and increasing discoverability.

As a YouTuber and HubSpot’s creator economy expert, I know a lot about YouTube and how to go viral. It’s not just about keywords.

Creating engaging YouTube descriptions is essential for channel optimization. Let’s dive into tips for crafting compelling descriptions for both your YouTube channel and videos.

YouTube Description:
A YouTube description is where a creator provides additional information about their video content, like descriptions, links, and social media accounts. It helps viewers understand the content and optimizes videos for search. There are two types: channel descriptions and video descriptions.

YouTube Channel Descriptions:
Similar to an About page, a channel description covers what the channel is about and what viewers can expect. Introduce yourself, outline content topics, and define your target audience. Add links to other platforms connected to your channel, like Instagram or your website.

YouTube Video Descriptions:
Every video includes a description under the video viewport. Each video should have a unique description to improve searchability and attract viewers.

Tips for Creating Compelling YouTube Descriptions:
1. Use templates. HubSpot offers YouTube description templates for inspiration.
2. Explain your content clearly with keywords.
3. Include a call to action (CTA) to engage viewers.
4. Add personality to your descriptions.
5. Use timestamps to make videos scannable.
6. Test different formats to see what works best for your brand.

YouTube Description Templates:
Use these templates to craft compelling YouTube descriptions:
1. Playful template.
2. Third-person template.
3. Niche template.
4. Inviting template.
5. Personal template.
6. Straightforward template.

YouTube Video Description Examples:
1. “5 Best Coding Languages for Beginners 2021” by nicole . young.
2. “How to Write Counterpoint – Music Composition” by Music Matters.
3. “How to Create a 90-Day Plan for your Business” by Anna Clark.
4. “How To Create An Email Sales Funnel” by Wishpond.
5. “How to Outline Your Novel – Part 2” by Writing with Jenna Moreci.
6. “Microgreens Growing: Materials and Beginner’s Guide” by Epic Gardening.
7. “Budgeting for Beginners – How to Make a Budget From Scratch 2021” by Debt Free Millennials.
8. “FINALLY be consistent on social media” by Jade Beason.
9. “The Roadmap To Making Your First $1M In SaaS (How I Did It)” by Alex Heiden.
10. “Easiest Online Business To Make $100,000+ In 2024” by Jensen Tung.

Tips for YouTube Descriptions:
1. Create anticipation for new content.
2. Incorporate keywords for search optimization.
3. Connect with subscribers and other resources.
4. Be transparent about sponsorships and products.
5. Maintain engagement and test different formats for improvement.

Download these YouTube description templates and enhance your video’s reach and discoverability.

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